Welcome to the website of the Law Office of Sam Chandra, APC. We represent clients throughout California, and focus our practice on Evictions and Collections. We represent single building owners to large management companies and bring actions to recover possession of both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced In-House Collection Department has a proven track record of recapturing funds owed to our clients, through a variety of methods.

At the Law Offices of Sam Chandra, APC, we employ the most effective and aggressive strategies to quickly restore the possession of your property for you the Landlord. We are a team of closely working individuals, each with experience in a specialized job function. In addition, our team is empowered with a custom built, state of the art software system designed, built, and implemented by Sam Chandra. Our specialization of job functions, together with a software system designed specifically for our purposes, allows us to manage our cases at a high level of efficiency.

Effective and efficient representation is critical to a Landlord. A problem tenant can mean lost rental income, damage to property, and trouble for other residents. With new laws creating more rights for tenants and an increasing number of tenant based web-sites and organizations available, today's Landlords must be prepared to fend off delay tactics at every step of the eviction process. Fortunately, with the right representation, the Unlawful Detainer process (commonly known as "eviction") can still be navigated quickly and without unnecessary delays. Please explore this website. You will learn more about our practice and how we can help you resolve your tenant problems, regain possession of property that belongs to you, and collect monies owed - in a swift and legal manner. Questions you have, may be answered here or call our staff to get the answers you require. No office visit is required. One phone call can start the eviction for you.

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